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About our Video Archive

Our teachers create their videos themselves, gathering media throughout their work with the project. The goal of these videos is to share reflective practice, to “make practice public,” and to share our journeys towards purposeful use of technology in the classroom. We don’t have a fancy production team, we don’t have fancy cameras, and only sometimes do we have an extra person in the room to do the recording. We are creating our own little “teaching channel,” perhaps without the same polish, but with plenty of pizazz when it comes to teacher reflection and purposeful production.

By collecting media, storyboarding, editing, and producing these videos themselves, our teachers learn about multimodal writing and production while pondering and gathering data to help them answer the research questions they generate at the start of each year. We’re all about process, less about product, and dedicated to fostering productive struggle: for students and for teachers. We hope you enjoy, and that our videos help you think more about the role of technology in your own teaching (don’t forget the popcorn).

Visit our playlist on YouTube, or click on the icon in the upper left of the video below to browse the archive: