Reality hits

2 months have flown by!  time-flies1It’s time for me to update you on what we have been doing.  I am Dede Clapp, a Grade 4 classroom teacher at MacArthur Elementary School in Waltham….(fast forward 5 more months)…  Yes, you are reading this correctly.  I began writing this blog in October and am just getting around to completing and posting it.  That can give you some idea on how my year is going.  Well, let me just say it has been a very busy year!  My research question that I set out to study this year was “How can I use technology as a process to access the curriculum?”

The fall is all about getting to know the students and them getting to know what 4th Grade is all about.  I have 21 students, including many who work in a separate small group for Math & Literacy.  I also have a few students whose first language is not English.  I have students who enjoy math, some that hate math.  I have some students that read many chapter books and some who only read graphic novels.  I have some students who play an instrument, some who play sports, and some who love to draw.   My job is to engage all of them in the Grade 4 Common Core Curriculum.  I will try to do this with using various forms of technology throughout the year.  As of now, I use many programs on the computer and chromebooks to reinforce basic math facts and reading comprehension skills.  I have set up regularly scheduled time for xtra math and Lexia.  I have also had students become familiar with writing in google docs.  Students have developed the basic computer skills needed to access their own accounts to use the programs on their own and at home.  In the next few months, I will add more digital literacy skills to the learning.  I will work closely with the Instructional Technology Specialist and Librarian to accomplish this.  Thanks for reading and supporting me on this journey!

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